59: Scrawny to Savage - Jack Morrow

My guest today is my friend Jack Morrow. Jack is a Powerlifter, a Naval Academy Graduate, an Eagle Scout, and an all around awesome dude. I have known Jack since middle school, and he was always a very skinny, scrawny, dude. Nonetheless, he has always had really big goals. He became an Eagle Scout earlier than anyone I know, and he was on an obsessive quest to get into the Naval Academy. Since high school he has undergone one of the craziest physical transformations I have ever seen. He put on about 65 pounds of useful muscle, and he is now one of the strongest guys I know. He's become an expert at smashing through plateaus and progressing constantly.

We talked about all kinds of stuff including his origin story, growing up in Boy Scouts and school, his path to the Naval Academy, his introduction to Powerlifting, the fork in the road between Health and Performance, and much more. Right now he lives out in Southern California, so I was really glad to catch him over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Make sure to follow Jack on Instagram: @Jack_The_Deadlift_Ripper where he has a huge following.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch