58: Smashing the Six Figure Ceiling - Katya Sarmiento

My guest today is my friend Katya Sarmiento. Katya runs ReachAndMakeMillions.com, where she helps 6 and 7-figure digital small businesses scale up with the right systems & operations. As a tech & systems pro, she can turn any business mess into a success - which amounts to more profit, more time, and more freedom for her clients. At the age of 18 she started her business coaching and consulting, and now she has helped tons of clients transform their businesses and smash their glass ceilings.

She's been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire, The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast, Women's Side Hustle Society, Successful Dropout, and like 12 other podcasts, a bunch of blogs, telesummits, and masterclasses. She's also hands down the most prepared podcast guest I've ever had.

I had an awesome time chatting with Katya, she's a really smart and interesting woman, and I know you guys are really going to get some value out of this one.

If you are interested in creating sales funnels you need to check out her link ReachAndMakeMillions.com/Podcast where she will show you how to make your first money making funnel for free!

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

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