60: Just Put it Out There - Isaiah Ram

My guest today is Isaiah Ram. He's the man behind the musical project Sci-Fi Sun. He just released his new EP, Twenty Years that he wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and released all himself. I don't want to endorse music that I don't actually enjoy, so I took a listen and I was really impressed, especially when I found out that Isaiah pretty much did it all himself.

During this episode we talked about his upbringing, being homeschooled, how he got into music, his new EP, his upcoming world travels, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

If this podcast has a message, just put it out there. Release that project. Do that thing. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Life is too short.

Make sure to follow Isaiah on Instagram: @Isa.Rammy and go check out Sci-Fi Sun wherever you listen to music.

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Alibi (feat. Danielle Williams) & Bright - Sci-Fi Sun

Intro/Outro music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch