7: The Real Dr. Dre - Dr. Andrea Delagarza, DC

My guest today is Dr. Dre. You're probably thinking of the black, male, billionaire, hip hop artist. But I'm referring to the Mexican, female, amazingly smart, beautiful, and athletic Dr. Andrea Delagarza (or Dre for short).

Growing up in Mexico and Argentina, Dre has an extremely interesting perspective. As an NCAA athlete in gymnastics she wanted to pursue a career in health and she is now a licensed doctor of chiropractic! She is a total badass and I loved this conversation we had. We covered many topics including: Growing up in Mexico, Coming to America, Why Chiropractics is so Important, Stem Cell Research, and her Fitness and Training Styles.

I have known Dre for about a year and a half now, but this was really the first time we actually sat down and talked about her story and her work as a chiropractor. I learned a lot of exciting new things and I hope you do too. You can follow Dre on instagram: @MusclesAndMargaritas and you can find her professional info here

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch