6: Making Money While You Sleep?! - Parker Stiles

My guest today is Parker Stiles, owner of Barrington Acquisitions, a company that he runs with his wife, Casey. They purchase, renovate, and sell or rent out single family houses and other properties in the southeast. I met Parker a number of years ago, and he really stuck out to me as a guy I wanted to get to know better and stay in touch with.

Back in the day, I was staying with a friend that ended up getting kicked out of his apartment and I had no place to stay for a while. I mentioned it to Parker, and he immediately said I could stay with him until I was able to figure out my living situation. That just really showed me what kind of guy he is. I can't thank him enough for that.

I wanted to have Parker on the podcast because he has an amazing story of how he went from being an unemployed college graduate to now running a business with multiple employees that pays him while he sleeps. This podcast was extremely informative and Parker gives some practical information on how he started his company and what it takes to run a successful business.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch