47: Progress NOT Perfection - Richard Corbett

My guest today is Richard Corbett. Richard is a very interesting dude. He's a professional artist, a bodybuilding and fitness fanatic, he's a college dropout, and he is working through a massive injury that left him wheelchair bound. He is on an obsessive quest of becoming the best version of himself, therefore he is breaking down his own physical barriers and mental barriers day after day.

Richard got deep and very transparent and he told me that there were some things he shared during this podcast that he had never shared publicly. He's got some of the best stories that I've heard so far on my show, and I really want to thank him for being so open and honest. I am happy to say that we have become friends since recording this episode.

I want to thank Richard again for being on the show and being so open and vulnerable. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @RTCorbett13

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch