46: Handsome Guy Secrets - Ryan Magin

My guest today is Ryan Magin. He is best known for being an expert in Men's Style & Fashion, he has a YouTube Channel with over 26k subscribers and 550 videos, an extremely active Facebook Group with over 7k members, he has a massive email list, and he makes the most epic Instagram Stories. I have been following Ryan for over a year now, and I have gotten so much value from his videos and his facebook group.

Ryan and I met up to talk about how he became an ICON in the men's style realm, how to promote yourself and stand out from everyone else, how I discovered Ryan's YouTube Channel, and all kinds of other great stuff.

Make sure you follow Ryan on all of his social media platforms, and if you are a dude who wants to upgrade your style or learn more about how to be a badass, make sure you join the Handsome Guy Secrets Facebook Group.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch