33: DO GOOD - Seth Loeb

My guest today is Seth Loeb. Seth and his wife, Hope, are the owners and brains behind Do Good Clothing Company. Their brand is all about being kind to people and doing good things for others.

You may have heard of their company, especially if you live in the Atlanta area because they have done an extraordinary job of gaining support and hype around their brand. When we recorded this podcast 2 weeks ago, the brand had not officially launched yet... BUT as of yesterday, they are officially open for business. Their website is seriously beautiful. You need to go check it out.

While you're there, make sure you check out all their goodies, they have some really high quality pieces at very affordable prices, from mugs and tote bags to super comfy tee shirts and all kinds of different caps and hats. Plus, their Give & Get model lends itself to you feeling great about buying from them. You can count on 20% of purchase profits being donated to The Center for Visually Impaired.

Since this is an audio thing you can't really see this stuff, but you can go check it all out for yourselves at their website and you can follow them on Instagram; @DoGoodAlwaysClothing

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch