32: Revolutionizing Accessibility - Brandon Winfield

My guest today is a really inspiring guy I recently met named Brandon Winfield.

Brandon is the CEO of his company called Paraperks, he recently started recording his new podcast, he's a dirtbiking and racing fan, he's a really active guy, and he does all of this while being paralyzed from the waist down. I wanted to mention the fact that he is disabled last because Brandon doesn't let his physical limitations define him or deprive him from the living the best life he can. He's always looking on the bright side of life, and he has a very positive outlook on life. It would be really easy for someone like him to play the sympathy card, but he is the complete opposite: super independent and living every day with enthusiasm.

His company Paraperks is developing an app to help disabled people share information about different places that aren't wheelchair friendly or maybe certain things the normal person wouldn't think about. Its an amazing concept and gaining a lot of traction, but I'm going to let Brandon tell you all about it.

When the ParaPerks app is launched, I will make sure to blast it all over. I also can't wait to listen to his new podcast, "The Journey."

Make sure to follow Brandon on Instagram as @bmw937 and you can follow Paraperks on IG: @paraperksllc. I want to wish Brandon all the luck in the world, and I can't wait to have Brandon back on the podcast to share more about what is going on with the company.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch