Episode Promotion


I get it. being on a podcast is a pretty big deal.

You want to use your episode as a tool to expand your brand and your influence.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up buying a product, following someone, watching a movie, eating at a restaurant, all because I heard about it on a podcast.


Podcasts are extremely powerful because it’s almost like MIND CONTROL. Once someone starts listening, they are allowing you to infiltrate their thoughts. Thousands of people start to think like you think.

You’re taking them on a journey, and they might not even realize what’s happening.

In order to have this influence, we need to be great promoters.

ELon SMokin.gif

You won’t have any influence if no one knows your episode is out there!

One of the best ways to get people to listen to a podcast episode is to share WHY they should be checking it out.

A podcast trailer, a few short clips or moments from the podcast, or simply cross-posting some of your work to my social media channels can go a long way.

Here are some of the ways that we can promote your episode so that we can maximize your impact and your reach.


Types of Promo


Podcast EPisode Trailers - $150

The goal of a trailer is to give the audience a quick introduction to who you are and what they can expect to hear on your episode.

Typically, we will create a trailer by taking a portion of the audio or video podcast and overlaying existing videos or B-Roll footage that is related to your content.

These trailers are edited in Portrait viewing ratio because they are designed to be viewed on a mobile device (Instagram Stories, IGTV, & Facebook).


Podcast CLips - $100


Podcast Clips can be extremely powerful.

If the Elon Musk - Joe Rogan moment taught us anything, it’s that podcast clips can and will go massively VIRAL.

We will take one of the best moments or stories from the video podcast and clip it into a bit sized piece for people to consume.

These trailers can be edited down to 1 minute or less for Instagram OR can be a few minutes and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

We will also create a custom compelling thumbnail.


Custom GIF PackAge - $200


GIF Stickers are one of the most unique ways of promoting your episode. You’ve seen them all over Instagram Stories, but have you ever wondered how many people are using these GIFs and how they get on there?

We have the power to create custom GIF stickers that will be literally seen by MILLIONS of people.

As of January 2019, our GIFs have been viewed over 200 MILLION times

”GIF Stickers” are different from regular GIFs because they are designed to be placed on top of other photos or videos to add fun animation.

Each GIF has a set of tags that makes it searchable, so users can find the perfect GIF to spice up their stories.

GIF Stickers are being viewed at an ASTRONOMICAL rate (especially very niche and unique stickers with great tags)

It will eventually become saturated, but as of right now there are some tags and keywords that don’t have ANY GIF stickers associated with it.

Eyes Ahead Media has created animated GIF stickers for personalities and brands that have been viewed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of times.

Okay. You get it. GIFS are blowing up, and you’re a big ol dummy if you don’t want some GIF Stickers for yourself.

Here are some examples of what we can create for your episode.

Simple Animation Title.gif
Simple Animations.gif
High Level.gif
High Level Animations.gif

For Podcast Promotion, we offer a 4 GIF package for the discounted rate of $200.

Reaction GIFs of your face will be the most widely used, but we can also create animations of your logo.

These GIFs can be filmed right after we finish recording your episode, and will be ready to use in time for your episode launch.


Product Review - $500


If you are coming on the podcast to promote your company or products, of course you want me to try them out!

It’s even better if my audience knows what my opinions are about the products that I am showcasing on my platform.

I will review your product honestly, and create a compelling and professional video reviewing its features and pros and cons.

If you are interested in a product review, please let me know before we record your episode so that I can have time to use and test the product so that by the time the episode launches we can coordinate the review to come out at the same time as your episode.

This video for Threads and Beams was filmed in Vertical because it was designed to be viewed on IGTV.



Umams circle.jpg

Umama Kibria

Goals: Raising awareness for her personal brand, getting people to attend her upcoming events, and creating valuable bite-sized content for her audience.

Strategy: Using audio and video from the podcast to create an Episode Trailer and Podcast Clip for IGTV, shooting a collaboration video for a Ticket Giveaway hosted on my social media pages, a custom animated “Trading Card” video, and creating Custom Animated GIFs.


A and Zee.jpg

Ayaz & Zeenat Momin

Goals: Raising awareness for Ayaz’s personal brand, Threads and Beams; showcasing their new Custom Leather Backpack.

Strategy: Using audio and video from the podcast to create an Episode Trailer and raising awareness for Threads and Beams New custom Backpacks with a product unboxing and impressions video.


Kat Circle.jpg

Katya Sarmiento

Goal: Bring awareness to her brand and gain followers on Social Media.

Strategy: Used clips from her recent speaking engagements to create a compelling video showcasing what she stands for and what she offers her clients.


If you are interested in any of these promotional options, please let our team know.

We are so excited to get your episode out to more people.