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Andrew Deitsch bio

Andrew Deitsch is a Podcast Host, World Traveler, College Dropout, Entrepreneur, Digital Creator, and Fitness Fanatic. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, unedited, long-form conversations with fascinating people. His guests include other entrepreneurs, doctors, world travelers, dancers, filmmakers, athletes, keynote speakers, artists, and more.

Since launching his show, The Andrew Deitsch Podcast, in May of 2017, he has gained an audience of 5k monthly subscribers.

Andrew helps other podcasters promote their shows through visual media. He attributes most of his success to the powerful nature of social media and making a good first impression. In order to stand out, you must have exceptional and professional looking content.


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Social Media Audience: 13k+ followers across all platforms (Updated October 2018)


Phone: +1 770-286-2043



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Possible topics of discussion

  • Why Audio Content is dominating and everyone should be creating it

  • Why most Podcasts fail or never gain traction

  • Why Solo Traveling is so important for everyone to experience

  • Why Vertical Video and Instagram/Snapchat Stories are so important

  • Why I place such a high priority on diet and exercise


Potential Questions to ask

Please Note that Andrew absolutely hates fake or scripted conversations. These questions should be treated as suggestions to get him talking, not as a scripted five question interview.

  • Why did you decide to drop out of college?

  • What inspired you to start a podcast?

  • What are the most important things people should focus on when launching a podcast?

  • Why do you disagree with most of the advice given in the podcast world?

  • What inspired your love of world travel?


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