96: Netflix for your Ears - Raul Vega

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My guest today is Podcaster and Digital Instrument Creator, Raul Vega.

One year ago last week, he launched Rose Drive, a fictional mystery podcast. Raul writes the script, directs, produces, edits, scores, mixes, & masters the entire show.

In just one year, the podcast has over 50K downloads worldwide & over 100 Five star ratings on Apple Podcasts.

He acquired the skills to do this over the last 6 years working for the incredibly famous film score composer & record producer, Hans Zimmer. Raul and his team creates scores for tons of films that you've definitely heard of like the Dark Knight, Superman, and much more.

On this episode we talk about how he got the inspiration for the podcast, what it's like to work for Zimmer, the challenges of making a highly produced show, and how the show has grown over the past year.


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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch