87: Small & Strong - Umama Kibria


My guest today is Umama Kibria (@smallandstrong.fit) She's a fitness & lifestyle influencer, gym hopper, social media growth hacker, tech evangelist, event guru, and master connector.

On Instagram, she's amassed a following of over 110,000 raving fans by being completely transparent in everything she does. She shares her life with her audience and constantly interacts with her community. 

She also runs Sass Brands which is an agency that develops social media strategies for health and fitness brands.

On this episode we covered her transformation, dealing with unsupportive family members, how to grow your instagram following organically, and whether you should pour your milk or cereal first (you might be surprised).

If you want to workout with Umama and I this week:

We will be at TurnTable Yoga on Tuesday, April 17


Umama is hosting SWEAT WITH ATL on Sunday, April 22 at HX Fitness, so come join us for an awesome HIIT workout. Tickets are only $10!!

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