81: Boss Babe in Tech - Stefanie Jewett


My guest today is my amazing friend Stefanie Jewett. She's the founder and CEO of Activvely mobile app, which is basically like Tinder for platonic fitness buddies.

After getting losing her job at CNN, she decided to go full force with her business plan, and hasn't looked back since. In this episode, we talked about her journey, her ups and downs, what she's learned along the way, and what it's like to be a woman in tech.

Recently, Activvely has been throwing amazing events on Tuesday nights all over Atlanta called TurnTable Yoga. It's an absolute blast, and if you live in Atlanta, you gotta come out next tuesday for the final TurnTable Yoga of the season at Monday Night Garage. It's gonna be a blast, and I'll be there!

Make sure you follow Stefanie on IG: @Stef_Juju & also follow @Activvely for updates and some fun fitspo.


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