55: Get Paid to Learn - Andrew Winchell

My guest today is Andrew Winchell. He's a Freelance Video Editor and Graphic Designer who has worked with and created content for some HUGE global brands. He's also an eating disorder survivor. It's not too often to you hear men talking about this subject publicly, and I'm really glad he was able to be so transparent and share his powerful story. His honesty is greatly appreciated, and I know that a lot of people will be affected positively by his story.

Andrew also recently quit his job of five years and is now pursuing freelance work. We touched on that a bit, but this was a big change in his life and took a lot of bravery and confidence. Anyone willing to go out on a limb like that is awesome in my book, and I'm really glad that I was able to have him on the podcast.

We also talked a lot about social media, video editing, and storytelling, some things that we are both passionate about.

Make sure you follow him on Instagram: @Drewstin77 and if you want to reach out, you can email him at: andrewwinchell@me.com

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

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