4: How to Sneak Backstage?! - Tyler Small

My guest today is my new friend, Tyler Small (@totallytylersmall). I say new friend because at the time of this recording we had only known each other for about a week. We met at a music festival called Shaky Beats in downtown Atlanta, in line to grab a beer, and we instantly clicked.

From the moment I met Tyler I knew that he was somebody I wanted to be friends with. After a week of knowing Tyler I asked him to be on the podcast. On this episode we talk about: growing up skateboarding, being a model, streetwear fashion, sneakers, and as seasoned veterans of sneaking backstage, we tell the story of how we snuck backstage at Shaky Beats and met some of our favorite DJ's and the Do's and Don'ts of getting back there.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch