39: Zen Selekta - Nicole Gracia Barton

My guest today is a very influential woman in the electronic music scene, Nicole Barton, also known by her DJ name, Zen Selekta. As well as being a DJ and Producer in the Deep Dubstep genre, she is also a world traveler, and she's spent a lot of time overseas.

Over the past year she's been steadily gaining popularity all over the country, getting booked for music festivals and shows. I connected with her recently because I'm a big fan of her music, and I wanted to really showcase her talent and get to know her a little better as well.

She's insanely talented and extremely passionate about her music, and I'm a huge fan of her unique take on Deep Dubstep. Make sure you follow Nicole everywhere, most importantly, follow her on Soundcloud so you can find her music and hear when new stuff gets released.

If you want to go see Nicole do her thing live, you can find her event page that has her upcoming shows here

Here are 10 upcoming shows where you can catch her live:
September 14th Aisle 5 in Atlanta
September 21st Imagine Festival at the Atlanta Motor Speedway
Seeds of Sound Festival in Sparta, Georgia
October 7th at IRIS in Atlanta
Pass The Good Festival outside of Pensacola, Florida
October 11th at the Music Room in Atlanta
October 12th at New Mountain in Asheville, NC
October 14th in Gainesville GA, Venue TBA
October 20th at the Masquerade in Atlanta
October 28th at the Neighborhood theater in Charlotte NC

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik and Zen Selekta

Andrew Deitsch