37: Return of the Papi - Adam Kashoro

My special guest today is Adam Kashoro. Adam is a close friend of mine and he runs a company called Meal Prep Papi that specializes in Meal Prep services in Atlanta.

Adam was my guest on the very first episode of the Andrew Deitsch Podcast. When I realized that this was something I really wanted to try and do, Adam was literally the first person to cross my mind because I know we always have amazing conversations. If you haven't listened to the first episode I would encourage you to go back and listen because Adam was able to share more of his story, and I feel like that episode flowed very nicely into this one, almost like a continuation of the same conversation, so check it out. Hopefully almost 40 episodes later I have improved a bit.

If you live in the Atlanta area and you want a better way of eating clean or you want personal training, you can go to MealPrepPapi.com and check out his menu of affordable options.

You can also follow him on Instagram @MealPrepPapi for inspiration and tips on healthy living.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

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Andrew Deitsch