28: More than Money - Chris Burns

My guest today is my friend and mentor of almost a decade, Chris Burns. Chris is an entrepreneur, a father of 3 children, a financial planner, former youth pastor, and a podcast and radio host.

After leaving his job as a pastor, he got into the financial planning and insurance world where he discovered his passion for helping people with their finances. Eventually, he founded his own financial planning company called "More than Money Financial." which is helping tons of people reclaim control of their lives by giving them unbiased financial advice.

He is also the host of the "More than Money Radio Show" that airs on Atlanta's Newsradio 106.7  every Sunday at 8AM, and the "More Than Money Podcast" on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Finances can be intimidating and pretty hard to understand. On his show, Chris does a fantastic job of breaking down the intimidating and confusing financial jargon and breaks it down into bite sized pieces that everyone can understand.

On this episode of my podcast he gave us some really practical tips for people of any age to implement today to start taking back control of their finances.

If you want to learn more about what Chris does or get your free consultation, go check out their website: MyLifeisMore.com to take the first step in reclaiming control over your finances.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch