26: Make A Decision - Myles Berrio

My guest today is my friend Myles Berrio. He is a professional Photographer, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Public Speaker, Mentor, Published Author, Digital Marketer, and a Vegan. He has built international businesses, traveled all over the world, & spoken in front of massive crowds.

In a little over a year, he has gone from being a beginner photographer buying his first real camera to doing photography full-time. He shoots destination weddings, works with tons of top brands, and has been featured in tons of publications and agencies. His photos truly are amazing and tell beautiful stories.

It's so unique how our paths have interwoven and crossed so much, but this was really the first time we were able to sit down and have a long uninterrupted conversation. We talked about photography, business, social media, and all kinds of other fun stuff, and I had an absolute blast doing this episode with him.

If you want to follow Myles, you can find him on Instagram @Myles.Berrio and of course if you want to book him or you want to get involved with his mentoring program, you can check out his website mylesberrio.com.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch