22: He Makes a Living with His G String - Alex Guthrie

My guest today is the amazingly talented Musician and Photographer, Alex Guthrie. You may already know who he is, because he was recently featured is in a nationally aired ad campaign  for American Family Insurance where Jennifer Hudson pops up and does a surprise duet with him. I keep seeing his face on billboards, hearing his commercial on the radio, and seeing the commercial on TV!

I met Alex about 5 years ago,  around the time when he was first auditioning for American Idol. He basically dropped out of college to go compete in the third round. He almost got through, but you'll hear that whole story in just a bit. Needless to say, Alex didn't stop, and he has so much exciting stuff coming soon. His Album, "Lessons Learned" is available on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you listen to music.

In this episode we talked about how he got into music, his experience with American Idol, dealing with depression, going on a giant road trip across America, going on tour with his band, how he got the commercial with Jennifer Hudson, assembling his band, and much more.

He has new music coming very soon so make sure to follow him on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated. Check out his website for all of his upcoming tour dates.

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"Colorado" & "Luckiest Man" ℗ 2014 Alex Guthrie. Used with permission from the artist.

Intro/Outro Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch