18: Hard to Kill - Luke Crawford

My guest today is my friend Luke Crawford (@l_craw). Luke is an Entrepreneur, Photographer, Competitive Shooter, World Traveler, Hunter, Fighter, Political Activist, the state director of Students for Concealed Carry, fellow Eagle Scout and much more. I have been friends with Luke for over 15 years or so, and we had a lot to talk about.

Luke has always had a way of standing out from the crowd, and not just because he is taller than pretty much everybody. Since high school he has been on the news, on the radio, and he has gained a sizable following on Instagram and Facebook due to his involvement in all the various things I mentioned that he does. In this episode, Luke shared some amazing stories of his epic road trips, the famous story of how he got on the news for his unique business idea, his huge recent win with Students for Concealed Carry, how he outsmarted Donald Trump's campaign and beat them to the punch on a great business idea, his activism with fighting Human Trafficking and the Sex industry in Atlanta with Nightlight International, and his lifting styles in the gym and his diet. I have wanted to have Luke on my podcast since I started this thing, and I really enjoyed catching up with him.

Link to CBS Interview with Luke

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch