16: Inside the Mind of a Musical Genius - Cohan Scott

My guest today is my friend Cohan Christopher Scott. CC is a fantastically talented musician and his style is very unique. Growing up in East Atlanta, and then later moving to the more plush Suburbs he was exposed to many different environments and a diverse musical spectrum.

I decided to call this episode "Inside the Mind of a Musical Genius." I feel like CC is such a humble guy that he might just laugh at the title, but he is like a musical encyclopedia. Compared to everyone on earth, he is someone I would consider a musical genius. He could talk about music for hours. His knowledge of music is amazing and just seeing him talk about his passions, his eyes light up and you know that he is just in his zone. From production, to the industry, to the culture; he's deep in it, and he definitely knows his stuff.

During this podcast we really dove deep into a lot of subjects including his upbringing in extremely diverse situations, growing up in a musical family, his musical influences, his opinions on the death of the album, what it means to be a musician and a creator, the culture that is tied to music, and the hot button subject of cultural appropriation and how we can combat it as a society.

During my editing process, I realized that there was a little bit of a scratching noise on CC's track. While we were recording, CC had his hair down, and I'm pretty sure the sound is coming from his hair scratching against the mic. I tried my best to repair the audio, but I am still pretty new to this stuff and the sound still persisted. Just wanted to address the situation rather than ignore it and hope you don't notice. I want to be as transparent as possible with this podcast. Luckily its pretty minimal and I may be making a bigger deal about it than it really is, but I just want to deliver the highest quality that I can. Hopefully you can look past the crackling and focus on the conversation, because it was one of the best so far.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch