13: Real Life Ninja - Conner Peterson

My guest today is the crazy talented Conner Peterson (@ConnerJPeterson). Conner is one of the most interesting people I know. He is a total human optimization freak. His current obsessions include, Ninja Training, Sky Diving, Tricking, Obstacle Course Races, learning the Guitar, Meditation, Crypto-currency, and more. Right now he's training for a 24-hour obstacle race that will be hosted in Iceland under the northern lights, and he is an aspiring stuntman. His training is super intense and he mentions in this podcast that he throws up or passes out during his workouts at least once a week. He's constantly trying to better himself mentally, physically, and spiritually. During this episode we talk about his childhood, growing up skating, his transition into fighting and fitness, and his wardrobe malfunction during the taping of the TV show American Ninja Warrior.

Also in the episode, we talked about how his family is SUPER active. They are constantly on the go, they do obstacle course races and mud runs together, and they are always getting dirty and sweaty outside. The problem is how do you get clean afterwards? You want to go out to dinner, go shopping, or just be comfortable in some clean clothes. Taking a shower and getting clean is so easy and only takes a few minutes to rinse your body, but its NOT always so easy to find someplace to actually get clean when you're miles away from home and if you're trying to rinse off in public. It's impossible to do it right without totally exposing yourself. I actually did my first Tough Mudder last month, and afterwards it was such a pain in the ass to rinse off, especially when you have mud caked in all the wrong places.

So to scratch their own itch, Conner's mom, Kressa Peterson, created a really cool invention that she called The Shower Toga. Its a loose fitting garment that you slip on over your clothes, it stays in place with a drawstring that goes around your neck for women or around your waist for men, but it allows you to get undressed underneath. Then you can use a water bottle or a hose and rinse your body off completely underneath. Then, put clean clothes back on all while staying covered and never revealing yourself!

It has deep pockets with holes at the ends that allow you to scrub your body and clean those hard to reach spots without flashing anybody by lifting up the bottom. But then you have to deal with all your nasty clothes right? Wrong. The shower toga then converts into a bag that you can throw all your nasty clothes in and be on your way. Its so genius and it has unlimited applications. This is not just a changing towel. Its something you can actually get wet and shower in public. Getting clean while camping, changing after a run and rinsing off, helping the kids change after being at the pool, a surfer that wants to go out with her friends after being in the ocean, a hiker that's all nasty and smelly, literally there are so many uses for it, its crazy. I go to a lot of camping music festivals. Normally its really hard to get a shower. The lines are super long and a lot of times they even cost money. Once I get my shower toga I will have no problem. I can shower at my campsite and change into my clothes outside of my cramped tent. The Shower Toga is being crowd funded on Kickstarter right now and if you back the project for only 19 dollars, you can get your own.

Right now the Kickstarter has recieved $10,000 pledged of their $14,000 goal. As of today, there are only 8 days left in the campaign. It ends Saturday, June 17, 2017. Pledge 19 dollars or more and if the project is fully funded by in the next 8 days you will receive your own Shower Toga, and you'll be getting clean and showering in public in no time. GO DO IT PEOPLE.

I am not getting paid for this whatsoever, and this is a product that I have personally backed, and I can't wait to get my hands on my own. I wouldn't be sharing this with you unless I truly believed that it was a good product that solves a huge issue that many people have. So go get yourself a shower toga and stop smelling like a dirty bum.

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