115: Changing Automotive History - Ed Bolian


My guest today is ADP Veteran Ed Bolian. If you're a fan of my show you'll be very familiar with Ed, as his episode is my most listened to episode of all time.

He’s the founder of an automotive technology company called VINwiki. Their app is a free mobile and web based app that helps people store information about their cars.

They also have an amazing YouTube channel with over 675,000 subscribers about cars and the stories surrounding them.

Ed also happens to be the guy who drove his Mercedes coast to coast, 2,904 miles across the country faster than anyone else in history. This drive is called the Cannonball Run, and his story has been all over major news outlets.

Since we covered VINwiki and his record breaking Cannonball Run in depth on the last episode, we didn't talk much about that on this one, so I would suggest going back to check that episode out if you haven’t already.

On this episode we talked all about the state of YouTube, what makes VINwiki YouTube channel so special, his current car collection, the Geneva motor show, and the future of cars, and why he thinks we may not be allowed to drive them in the near future.

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Check out the VINwiki YouTube channel

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch