111: Jaw-Dropping Creator - Simon Needham


My guest today is Photographer, Artist, Director, Conservationist, Humanitarian, & World Traveler Simon Needham.

He's one of the most awe-inspiring photographers I've ever seen, and a couple of days before this podcast was recorded, I actually got the privilege to shoot with him.

When he was 18, he and a friend founded ATTIK, which would become an award-winning, $30M+/year grossing agency.

Over the years as their Chief Creative Officer, he worked heavily with some of the biggest brands in the world like Nike, Scion, Ford, Lexus, Toyota & Under Armour. 

After selling the company, he was able to get back to doing the things that he loves, especially his photography.

During this episode he shared the story of growing his company, working with some of the biggest names and companies on the planet, his near-death experiences in the Himalayas, and so much more.

Follow Simon on Instagram: @SimonNeedhamPhotography & his humanitarian work: @Human.Kind.Photography

His website is SimonNeedham.com where you can check out his stunning body of work.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch