11: Missiles and Monkeys - Jamie Kerem

My guest today is my amazing South African friend, Jamie Kerem (@JustJamieFitness). He has the coolest accent ever, he is the general manager of a gym, world traveler, a certified personal trainer and he's got some insane stories to share.

In this podcast, we talked about his upbringing in South Africa and some crazy stories like when his teachers got mugged on a field trip, when he confronted a live gorilla while he was hiking in the woods, his transition to America and the Public School System, his experience living in Israel and the conflict over there, how he went from being an insecure kind of chubby kid to an absolute beast competing in bodybuilding competitions, and much more.

Jamie and I could have gone on for even longer so I'm sure a second podcast is in our future, so if you want another one make sure to give this podcast some love. Make sure you also hit Jamie up on Instagram and if you live in Alpharetta, Georgia or the surrounding area, come visit Jamie at YouFit and you can train with him.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch