100: Bucketlist Brothers - Matthew Deitsch

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My guest today is my brother Matthew Deitsch.

Back in July, we set off on a trip around Europe. We visited 9 countries in 6 weeks, and we had an absolute blast.

This is Matthew's third episode, so if you want to hear Matthew's story or his previous solo adventures in Europe go check out Episode 51 and Episode 67 before you listen to this one.

During our conversation we talked all about our trip, swimming in Blue Lagoon in Iceland, sneaking into Center Court at Wimbledon, attending Goodwood Festival of Speed, both weekends of Tomorrowland Belgium, renting a huge Airbnb with our friends in Portugal, chilling at the beach in Spain, and one of us got to fly back in first class.

This was an amazing adventure, and I wish that everyone listening gets to experience something similar someday.

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Music by Calvin Kraakevik

Andrew Deitsch