When I set out to make my podcast, I had two main goals: Portability & Affordability.

With that in mind, here is my current gear list:

Tascam DR-40.jpg

Tascam dr-40 - $180

This Linear PCM recorder is a really powerful device that does it all. When I was looking for the most portable, affordable, and powerful recording device I settled on this little guy. It's about the size and thickness of three iPhones stacked on top of each other.

Why it's great for me: Phantom power means no external power is necessary for the microphones. I can record all of my intros and outros on the built-in microphones, and it has dual XLR or 1/4" line inputs for external microphones. It also has dual recording capabilities, which captures a safety track to prevent distorted take. When recording long tracks like a podcast, this is crucial.


Movo LV4-O2 Lavalier Microphones - $80

Most podcasters go for some big, goofy  microphones that are handheld or have microphone stands. The problem with that is: They are not highly portable, and if you are holding them with your hand, they pick up a lot of unwanted noise.

These little guys from MOVO are really powerful, omni-directional microphones. They clip onto your shirt right below your chin, and they work especially well for my guests who are not super familiar with proper microphone etiquette. You can set it, and forget it. I have had no problems with these microphones yet, and I give them a strong recommendation for starters.

I want to make my podcast feel as natural as possible. Having a clip-on style microphone is amazing because it is hands-free and you almost forget about the microphone after the first few minutes.

anker astro e3.jpg

Anker Astro e3 - $22

I use this external battery to power my Tascam DR-40 through a mini-USB to USB-A cord. The Tascam has AA Batteries inside of it, but the problem is there is no way they would last through some of the 2+ hour podcast sessions I have put it through. The other option is to plug it into the wall, but being able to plug it directly into this device is so much simpler and cleaner.

This little powerbank is about the size of two iPhones stacked on top of each other. It has 10,000mah and I could probably use it to power the Tascam DR-40 for 10 hours before this thing runs out of juice. Currently out of stock, but Anker makes some other really great powerbanks that I'm sure will work just fine.